Brewer's Hill & Baltimore Highlands

If the Southeast district of Baltimore was a burger, Brewer's Hill would be the bottom bun, Baltimore Highlands would be the top bun and both would sandwich the burger, Highlandtown. While separated, both Brewer's Hill and Baltimore Highlands are buddies, sharing a smorgasbord of creative and delicious similarities.

As you may have guessed from the name, Brewer's Hill was previously home to two nationally renowned breweries: National Bohemian (which we've lovingly dubbed "Natty Boh") and Gunther Brewery. Both brewery towers still stand tall, AND, a giant, neon "Mr. Boh," also winks you as you enter the neighborhood. Although the breweries are no longer present, this neighborhood boasts some of the cities most up-and-coming foodie spots, drinking holes and gourmet amenities.

Baltimore Highlands, while disguised as an industrial wasteland, has been a hub for creativity for years - housing designers, makers and artists in all it's nooks and crannies. Recent developments have opened opportunities for booze startups including a brand new brewery and distillery. Some would go as far to say that Baltimore Highlands might be the new Brewer's Hill. Regardless of your opinion, this is the place to be with friends on a lazy Saturday. Sipping beers and/or whiskey and discovering a new creative studio spaces you've never known about before.

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