Belgisches Viertel

"Belgisches Viertel" is part of Neustadt-Nord in Cologne, which implicates *– when speaking German –* that it’s located close to the inner city. Shopping people will be very satisfied. A lot of residing hip boutiques with selected labels, all kinds of shops, galleries, restaurants and bars make it a downright shopping area and at some kind the popular-place of Cologne, you might also call it a catwalk where you would take your bike with. Meeting somebody on a mild night at *Brüsseler Platz* ain’t no miracle. But it sure is miscellaneous! While your stay, check for events like „le bloc“, „chic belgique“ or „le tour belgique“, where shopping will be possible until late hours. Enjoy the green areas, because Grüngürtel from the one side and Aachener Weiher from the other embrace the whole *Veedel.* Look for mind-blowing graffiti by famous artists and for concerts in one of the many Kiosks. After your tour, get a drink and relax in one of the many bars and cafés. Aachener Straße will give you lots of opportunities. And if you’re asking yourself why it’s called the Belgian neighborhood, check the street names and try to find a real *Kölsche Jong or Mädsche*, we heard they might be hard to find… Well, it’s a popular place, but charming on the first sight.

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