Bockenheim is a very distinctive and diverse part of Frankfurt am Main. Moreover it´s one of the most populous neighborhoods in the city. This especially becomes obvious when strolling around Leipziger Straße, where you can find various people from all over the world. Along with this multicultural vibe come culinary offers from a wide range of different countries and cultures. Bockenheim still thrives on its student life (the university had its headquarter here for more than 80 years), though different campuses are spread over other neighborhoods as well. A distinctive mark of Bockenheim is the "Bockenheimer Warte", one of the four still intact city-wall-towers of Frankfurt. The square around Bockenheimer Warte is also home of a weekly market (highly recommended). Bockenheim's unique mixture of cultural contradictions and multicultural inhabitants makes it a top spot for gastronomical adventures and delights. Always worth a visit!

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