The Karolinenviertel once lay outside the city and developed from a “poor man’s quarter” to a trendy district between St. Pauli and Sternschanze. In the late 1980s, most of the multi-story buildings were in a poor condition, the area was even considered impoverished. Through a careful process of urban renewal in 1988 the district developed into a popular residential area. Nowadays it attracts a multicultural audience with its various second hand stores, designer boutiques and coffee shops. While strolling through the small district, you can experience the pleasantly calm atmosphere. Here it’s not as hectic, loud and extroverted as in the neighboring Schanzenviertel. The Karoviertel has that more rugged, rough around the edges feel and is the real “old skool” place to be. The main street of the Karoviertel is the “Marktstraße” (market street) that goes all the way through the district from the subway station “Messehallen” to the former cattle slaughtering halls. Most of the shops and cafés are to be found in this area. Unique designer fashion is the focus of the Karoviertel’s offer. Neither noble haute couture nor expensive ready-to-wear fashion, but exceptional, sometimes shrill, sometimes extravagant and often simply good clothes are being offered here. Plus: The Karoviertel is suitable for every wallet.

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