Zentrum West

Leipzig Zentrum West is the very official term for our district. We would divide it into a subdistrict known as Kolonnadenviertel or "Kolle" used by people of Leipzig to describe the area around the Kolonnadenstraße and Gottschedstraße. The Gottschedstraße is an established pub and nightlift district around the theatre. Younger and less crowded is the upcoming Kolonnadenstraße: The buildings were built in times of GDR, not so nice and modern but very central. This is what makes them affordable and attractive for young creatives. New alternative shops and cafés opened throughout the last years. A lively, young and very central district between the new Leipzig West (Plagwith, Lindenau) with all the gallerys and the city center. We've added also some spots from the edge of the well-known Musikviertel.

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