This is not your "postcard" art deco Miami. There are no beaches here, but what you will find is the home of Miami's emerging creatives. Recognized as Miami's Arts District, the whole neighborhood acts as a large outdoor gallery featuring the work of both local and globally renowned artists. With its roots in manufacturing and fashion, this neighborhood has been completely transformed by developers and creatives into one of the hottest places in the world. Although there is great debate over the effects of gentrification, Wynwood is still home to many galleries, startups, restaurants, cafes, bars, music venues, and creative companies. The neighborhood is still in the midst of its transformation, but there is beauty in the contrast between the graffiti art splashed on the walls, the industrial sites that still remain, and the new investments in developed housing and retail currently under construction. There's still hope among the locals for Wynwood to remain an authentic, walkable, cultural hub as it continues to change.

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