10th Arrondissement

The 10th Arrondissement is still one of the most popular and dynamic districts of Paris, among few other neighborhoods despite its central location.

Located just past Porte Saint-Martin and Porte Saint-Denis, which back in the 17th century used to delimit the walls of Paris from its suburbs, the street of Saint Denis becomes, for example, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis (literally street of the suburb).

Historically, this street was built to give the king easy access to the basilica Saint-Denis (in Saint Denis) from the Louvre. This charming district of Paris has kept its suburban spirit with a myriad of convenience stores, bars, clubs and small shops.

A melting pot of ethnicities gives this neighborhood all of its personality and charisma: African hairdressers, Turkish or Syrian cafes, Mauritian grocery stores, Indian, Kurdish or Armenian restaurants. After dark, the streets are even more energetic because of the many greengrocers and bazaars that never close.

Finally, the 10th is a little tour around the world and that sums up the bustle of Paris in a nutshell!

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