When you hear someone say, “I work in San Francisco,” chances are high that (s)he works in the downtown Financial District, colloquially known as the FiDi by the locals. The FiDi has a unique place in San Francisco’s history, going all the way back to the California Gold Rush days. Following the main drag of Market Street, you will see everything from cable cars, Art Deco architecture, boutique alleyways, etc., all leading up to the Ferry Building at the Embarcadero. Here you can still find family owned businesses that are over 100 years old (hello, Levi Strauss) amongst the ever growing startups popping up over the city. Don’t just pass this area off as a corporate, tech-y zone – the FiDi is filled with hidden gems. Stick with us, kid, and we’ll show you the ropes and where to look. ;)

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