South Downtown

"Atlanta is changing quickly — blink and you’ll barely recognize certain corners, streets, and neighborhoods. But in some areas such as South Downtown, the transformation is happening more slowly and seemingly with a bit more care thanks to folks like the Goat Farm, the Center for Civic Innovation, Mammal Gallery, Eyedrum, and more." - Debbie Michaud, Creative Loafing Editor With the rise of progressive arts organizations mixed with the 50+ year old voodoo shops all inside 100+ year old architecture, there is something distinctly different happening around these parts. Technically it's anything south of Marietta and Decatur Streets, west of the Connector, north of I-20, and east of Castleberry Hill. It has been called many different names over the years — Government Walk, the Railroad District, and “the most interesting square mile in Atlanta.” It’s at the historic and geographic heart of Atlanta — both the city and the metro region. We have a big place in our heart for the way the neighborhood is frozen in time and yet constantly evolving. Swing by our favorite 'hood in the day time to visit the voodoo shops and restaurants or in the evening for a music, performance, or art show.

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