East Boston

Once a center of record-setting shipbuilding, Eastie was created by the joining of five islands (Noddle, Hog, Governor’s, Bird, and Apple) during World War II. Bordered by Boston Harbor and Chelsea Creek, residents enjoy some of the best waterfront views of the mainland city and skyline. A long-time immigrant community, the neighborhood boasts a diverse population—including Italian, Southeast Asian, and Latino—reflected in its mix of ethnic restaurants. Recently, it has become one of Boston’s most desirable neighborhoods due to its location on the harbor and quick access to downtown.

It’s connected by a series of parks starting from Piers Park on the waterfront to the Belle Isle reservation, all linked by the East Boston Greenway built over old freight rail lines that have been converted to foot and bike paths. The neighborhood also features a vibrant artist community, including the long-standing Zumix, Atlantic Works, and HarborArts; now along with a satellite space for the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston.

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