Collingwood & Abbotsford

Around Australia Collingwood is mostly known for its football team, but come visit and you'll discover a vibrant suburb with humble working-class roots. Surprisingly this suburb which has always been a little rough around the edges is now one of the most fashionable and desirable suburbs – at least north of the Yarra. The old industrial warehouses are being converted into modern, fashionable workplaces, or make way for new apartments. Creative businesses are migrating towards Collingwood and more and more bars, restaurants and cafes seem to open up every day – the suburb is exploding in popularity. Smith St is Collingwood's hub. Though technically one side of the street belongs to Fitzroy, it won't matter one bit to a local, as Smith St has always been considered to be Collingwood as a whole, so some liberties have been made in the selection of businesses to feature here. Walking around Smith St, you'll see an effortless mix of the 'haves' and 'have-nots', all occupying the same space. At lunch time, you are quite literally spoiled for choice, with selections ranging from burgers, pizza, Mexican and many Asian cuisines up for grabs – all easy on your wallet. The cafes in this suburb are some of the best in Melbourne – let alone Australia – all making a trip to Collingwood a must.

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