Northcote & Thornbury

For 111 years Thornbury was once a part of the former City of Northcote Local Government Area, which existed from 1883 until June 1994 and so it's no surprise that they bond so well. High Street is the heart and soul of both suburbs and is a humble hive of activity. It has a shop/store for every need. Bars, cafes, craft stores, bookstores, music venues, pubs, restaurants, pet shops and more, you are covered on all bases. Including one of the best cinemas (Westgarth Cinema) Melbourne has to offer. Both Northcote & Thornbury are extremely well serviced by public transport, with trains, trams, and buses. The bike paths are used liberally and you can also ride a section of the lush Merri Creek trail. Thornbury & Northcotes population is diverse in its socioeconomic status from its strong ties with Italian heritage through to the young thriving Arts culture with the constant support from the City of Darebin Council. The art & creative scenes are flourishing through such places as The Hungry Workshop and Pop & Scott to name a few. Both suburbs have evolved into some of the most sort after areas to live in and/or visit. There is an evident mix of both old school and new world. Thornbury is fast becoming one of the most addictive suburbs to visit and with Northcote close by, the two have an amazing amount to offer.

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