Ten years ago, SOBRO didn't exist. Well, technically, it did exist and was SOuth of BROadway (stolen from NYC's SOHO and DUMBO), but it didn't have half the places that now call SOBRO their home. Now, SOBRO has a sweet new roundabout with a controversial art piece made of poles, Nashville's shiny new convention center, multiple huge hotels and hi-rise condos. A few original stalwarts of SOBRO include 3rd & Lindsley, Hot Diggity Dog, Rocketown and Sixth Ave. The roots of these places run deep and stand the test of time and expansion. This is the perfect place for folks that like to wine and dine and to also find soul and the spirit of our fine city. It's quite the spattering of places. It used to be full of industrial bearing, lighting, electric motor car business and some pretty cool TM crew graffiti honoring country music legends and OG's (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Waylon Jennings). Even our street art has a country twist.

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